About Us

So we tried to add Pandora beads to our Apple Watches and couldn’t…

Charm Link™ is a beautiful, slim link that your Pandora beads.We all want to carry our memories around with us. We felt that was always the best thing about products like Pandora beads and charms. But there are five things that kind of irked us about Pandora.

  1. Their bracelet looks like it was designed for old ladies.
  2. Their charms only work on their bracelet.
  3. If you wear their bracelet, you can’t really wear a watch.
  4. Pandora bracelets only look good if they are completely full, which means you need to spend close to $700!
  5. We wanted to be able to show off our charms and our Apple Edition Watches!

We solved all five issues when we invented Charm Link™. We even got a patent on the design. We rally can’t believe no one thought of it before! We designed a beautiful, slim link that stays out of the way and lets your charms and beads be the stars. Save your pennies. We’re working on making versions that fit other watches. If you have a watch or bracelet we should make it fit , let us know!